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   On-Demand Recruitment

A specialized recruiting solution with a focus on flexibility, velocity, and industry-specific talent expertise. For your short-term or long-term needs, think of it as “chartering” a team of recruiters to enhance your organization’s talent acquisition capabilities. Thus, providing you with the flexibility of choosing when and how long you need talent acquisition services based solely on your needs. 

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High-volume Recruiting

As your recruiting partner, we offer the following:

  • Quickly find quality candidates to fill multiple openings or training classes.

  • Facilitate-evaluate pre-hire assessments for candidates.

  • Provide a standard interview protocol.

  • Recruiting metrics.

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 Direct Hire

As your partner in employee recruitment, we get to know your business culturally and operationally so we can customize a cost-effective solution. Therefore, we write each agreement with a long-term relationship mindset, so we’re proactively networking on your organization’s behalf, building a skilled and experienced candidate pool; thereby reducing time to hire and mitigating turnover.

Finance Consultancy
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