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Virtual Medical Scribe

As a Virtual Medical Scribe, you are physician’s direct personal assistant, helping physicians across the nation​. You will be the critical link for the physicians and handle all of their electronic medical records for each patient. You will interpret and document the doctor-patient visit, as well as, charting of each ​patient in its entirety.


 Virtual Medical Scribes!!

100% Virtual

    PAID INTERNSHIP!! Working Directly with Physicians across America.

     $9-$12hr Flexible Hours! NO WEEKENDS!


-Have a Competitive Wage and Benefits 

-Work Directly with Physicians Gaining Valuable Clinical Charting Experience

-Network Directly w/Physicians

-Draft HPIs, PEs, ROSs, and Analyze Lab Reports

-Provide EHR Charting Support Directly for Physicians as a Charting Assistant in Real Time

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